These conversations will not be boring.

In interviews with entrepreneurs who created a second career in midlife or late life, we learn from their pivotal decision to take a flying leap toward their dreams (or, reflect on how they got pushed out the window and learned to fly midair). 

This show features guests who got fired, got sick, got tired or were otherwise forced or enticed to get off the path that was leading them to being dead inside to one that leads them to being more fully alive and doing what only they can do. 

And we talk about how that’s working out for them.

What's Concurrent Productions?

We’re a video production team that thrives on authentic, human-centered storytelling. You can learn more about us and see samples of our work here. Most of our clients are small to medium sized companies. For solopreneuers and companies inclined to DIY, we developed this affordable online course so anyone can learn and apply the same principles we use for projects that took us years to develop and would cost many thousands of dollars for you to hire us.  We love sharing stories like the ones  you just heard. For more inspiration, check out these written interviews